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The Memories

The memories of the ones we love

Linger through the years

The thought of that one special card

Can bring me back to tears.

The blessings were so plenty

With kids and grandkids too

Each time blueberry pie is served

My thoughts turn back to you.

Remembering the harvest times

Which gave us beets and corn

Bring pleasures of the simple life

To which our hearts were sworn.

The more complicated life would get

The more ‘simple’ things were found

Football games could be enjoyed

From home without the crowd.

Laughter added years to life

With crazy birthday dreams

And sayings that would tease the “boys”

Dance through our memories.

But Mother had to call you home

So God could ease your pain

Twelve years it had been, to the day

Since she last whispered your name.

~Pamela K. Berkhiem

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Thoughts of you keep shining through
No matter what I try to do.
I change my thoughts and clear my mind
But my memory isn’t very kind.

My love for you, it grows each day
I did not plan to feel this way.
It’s grown so much my heart just hurts
Sometimes I feel that it could burst.

I think of all the times we’ve shared
And how I really, really cared.
I wish I could have told you then
But I thought that I would lose my friend.

I think about you every day
And wish the pain would go away.
I love you now and I always will
My heart would say I love you still.

~ Pamela K. Berkhiem

Copyright ©2004 Pamela K. Berkhiem

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