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The First Mother’s Day

I know I came into this world

Just not so long ago,

But I hear my Mommy’s beautiful voice

And I know I love her so.


I love the way she holds me close

Cause she’s so soft and strong.

When I look into her loving eyes

I know that I belong.


Grandmother, she loves me too

She’ll help take care of me

She tells my Mom she is so lucky

To have had a child like me.


I think that I’m the lucky one

To have a Mom like her

And to have a Grandma that’s so sweet

I’m luckier for sure.


I know that God has blessed me

For this I’m sure to say

Cause He made her so special

That He gave her, her own day.


I shall take this day to honor her

For her love year after year,

But for this very first one

From God my words she’ll hear.


~ Pamela K. Berkhiem

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