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Our Sunshine

My mother-in-law, Esther E. Pfertsh, passed away the day before Thanksgiving, 2013. She was an amazing woman and someone who will be dearly missed by all. Below is her story and the reason so many will mourn her passing. One of her favorite songs that was sung as a prayer at every meal was The Lord is Good to Me. We will always sing that song at our meals in remembrance of her.

Esther was born in St. Edward

A town on Nebraska’s east side

To her parents Arthur and Anna

On April seventh, nineteen thirty-five.


She was but a toddler a runnin’

When the family decided to move

To a fox farm in Longmont, Colorado

Soon becoming their cow milker too.


She was always her daddy’s right hand girl

A sister to Helen, Arnold and June

But she always claimed that their mother

Loved her most, from here to the moon!


Her smile brought a nickname of Sunshine

As many relished in her glow from inside

She even thought she was a hummingbird

Always humming her hellos and good-byes.


Then one night she was cruising on Main Street

Catching the eye of a wonderful boy

Who then followed her down to the drive-in

At the A&W that they all enjoyed.


Elmer found out that Esther liked skating

Planning his hunt to catch up with her there

For we all know that he caught the best one

Who was forever his perfect pair.


They soon went on to get married

On July second, nineteen fifty-four

Having a reception down at the Grange Hall

Where their gifts were piled galore.


With the sixties came their three children

Blessed with a daughter then two handsome boys

She loved each one of her babies

Her Trina, her Todd and her Troy.


With Trina, she led the 4H club

Teaching each of them to cook and to knit

And shared with them knowledge of fishing

From the water all the way to the dish.


With her Todd she would often go swimming

Though that was not her expertise

When she’d plunge right down in the water

Her bottom would somehow form a peak.


Troy always remembered them Jeeping

With kids clinging on here and on there

Or driving them each to sports practice

Somehow, she got them everywhere.


They all laughed at her “mix and jiggle”

When at the counter she was

Mixing up cookies or pastries

Away flew her arm and her butt!


Those children, they blessed her with grandkids

Even step and great grandchildren too

And all of those that she adopted

From the neighbors or down at the schools.


For years she worked at District 50

A school secretary and so very much more

Known for always cheering up grumpies

And playing pranks on co-workers and more


She was such a great people person

Who loved to quilt and to knit and to sew

She was always part of some great group

For she loved them and helped them to grow.


Her family always came first though

And her church it was not far behind

Cleaning and doing their bookwork

Was just part of her daily grind.


Putting on plays and shows about talent

Her humor rivaling Carol Burnett

She even danced with a mannequin

And her Curly enjoyed that a bit.


Her talent was playing the washboard

Slider whistle, the symbols and horn

While Curly twanged on the hand saw

And for Sue the gutbucket was borne.


Songs were always being made up

As she had one for every occasion

Like while camping with family in Red Feather

Or to cheer up a precarious situation.


A resilient outdoors type person

“For I am a farm girl,” she claimed

As strong as an ox, she was leaned on

Near sainthood those close had proclaimed.


Then Alzheimer’s came and took over

Her mind and our lives had been robbed

It took away much of those memories

As we all stuck together and sobbed.


But her faith, it never did falter

As she walked and talked with her Lord

Praying that He take her peaceful

By her choice and of her full accord.


So we offer our thanks up to Thee, Lord

For taking her peacefully to Thee

And for providing the rain and the Sunshine

With which to grow all of those apple seeds.



~ Pamela K. Pfertsh

 © December 6, 2013

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