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This was a very early poem of mine, written for my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary about June, 1983 when I was still in high school.  The poem written for their 50th is also on this site titled: With This Ring, I Thee Wed.


Remember when the kids were all small

The money was tight and the bills were not small?

Mother always made our home happy and bright

Father came home from work every night.

They gave smiles and hugs and a warm kiss goodnight.


Remember when the kids were in their teens

Listnin’ to rock ’n’ roll and wearin’ blue jeans?

Mother was guidance for right and for wrong

Father was there to help them along.

Through good times and bad times they helped them feel strong.


Remember when the kids all moved out

Got married, had children and moved all about?

Well, Mother’s still there with guidance and care

And Father shows love he is very proud of.

This marriage will last at least 30 more years

And the love for their children will always bring tears.


~Pamela K. Pfertsh

© January 15, 2016




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The Memories

The memories of the ones we love

Linger through the years

The thought of that one special card

Can bring me back to tears.

The blessings were so plenty

With kids and grandkids too

Each time blueberry pie is served

My thoughts turn back to you.

Remembering the harvest times

Which gave us beets and corn

Bring pleasures of the simple life

To which our hearts were sworn.

The more complicated life would get

The more ‘simple’ things were found

Football games could be enjoyed

From home without the crowd.

Laughter added years to life

With crazy birthday dreams

And sayings that would tease the “boys”

Dance through our memories.

But Mother had to call you home

So God could ease your pain

Twelve years it had been, to the day

Since she last whispered your name.

~Pamela K. Berkhiem

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With This Ring, I Thee Wed

This was made into book markers for my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. – Pam

Dearly Beloved

Is what the minister had said

The day upon which

Tom and Betty were wed.

They vowed then to love,

Comfort and honor

For better, for worse,

For richer, for poorer.

In sickness and in health

Forsaking all others

They vowed to take care

Each one of the other.

Their rings were exchanged

For their undying love

And their continued renewal

Of their vows from above.

These rings made of gold

Brought them through fifty years

And all that they’ve shared

Are in their hearts and their tears.

~ Pamela K. Pfertsh

© June 28, 2008




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To Be True

To enjoy the good that comes your way,

You must experience the bad of another day.

To know what’s right and really true,

You must be wrong a time or two.

To feel the peace within your heart,

You must let anger play its part.

To experience the joy of the gifts in life,

You must endure the sorrow, loss and strife.

To truly enjoy that which you’ve found,

You must know the loss to which you’re bound.

To gain from life that which you want,

You must first have lost and been given not.

To feel complete within your soul,

You must first feel empty, torn, not whole.

To enjoy the sounds of which you hear,

You must know the deafness upon your ears.

To trust in someone and truly believe,

You must get rid of the fear and set them free.

To fill your heart with love so strong,

You must feel the pain your whole life long.

~ Pamela K. Berkhiem

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I can’t begin to tell you

How much you mean to me

You can touch me in a special way

And read me easily.

You’ve turned me toward the sunshine

And the warmth you’ve helped me feel

From the brightness of tomorrow

Where it all seems so surreal.

Some days it simply scares me

With what our lives portray

As we both have much potential

But we’ve looked the other way.

Now your education’s growing

And you’ve discovered your great gift

I just want to be there for you

As God gives your life this lift.

The pride that’s in my heart

From the papers on your wall

Makes my heart want to erupt

As you answer to His call.

We shall walk His path together

Toward the greatness yet in store

As we turn around life’s corners

We’ll share His gifts and more.

I’m so honored that you’ve asked me

To join you on these golden roads

Toward the prospects of tomorrow

Where God our future holds.

~ Pamela K. Berkhiem

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To Ask

To ask me not to feel your pain,

to ask me not to lose some sleep,

and to ask me not to pay the price…

…is asking me not to love you,

the way that you deserve to be loved!

~ Pamela K. Berkhiem

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The Flower and The Gardner

I am but a seed

Planted in fertile ground

Mother Nature will sustain me

And I will grow from this mound.

My flowers will bloom and be pretty

My leaves will be soft and green

The rains will pour down upon me

Quenching my desperate need.

The air will float upon me

And above me the sun will shine

I’ll bring beauty to this crazy world

And I’ll know that I’ve done my time.

But if the Gardner places me gently

In a mound of richened soil

And he feeds me water daily

Then my roots shall have no toil.

I’ll reach up from the ground

And stretch out towards the sun

Brighter and more glorious

Than I thought I could become.

If he shows me his affection

And gives me what I need

Then he takes away my worries

And gives to me his creed.

I’ll grow bigger than his boundaries

Feeding on desire

We can share with those around us

As this beauty spreads like fire.

From your kindness shall grow love

Of an abiding kind

From your love then shall grow I

To better serve this life.

~ Pamela K. Berkhiem

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