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For The Sake Of The Children

A marriage full of hurt,
No longer filled with love.
You wonder why you stay,
As tender touches turn to shoves.

You say, “For the sake of the children,
I must stay and endure this pain.
Or else everything I have worked for,
Will all have been in vain.”

I beg you to consider,
As they fall asleep at night,
How much pain the children feel,
As they listen to you fight.

You have worked so very hard,
Fulfilling their needs has been your goal.
But to free them from the anger,
Would be the gift to save their souls.

To leave them feels as if,
Your heart has been ripped from your chest.
But for the sake of the children,
In the end you’ll find it’s best.

~ Pamela K. Berkhiem

Copyright ©2005 Pamela K. Berkhiem

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