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Our Founding Father

A droplet of water flows down through the sand

Giving life to a business through a wonderful man.

Jay Slifer’s a founder, a father, a friend

A gift to us all from God he was sent.

He started to build from each problem he solved

Each brick independent so it could not fall.

Held together by honesty, wisdom and pride

Breaking ground for tomorrow, his vision took flight.

This magical man, so perceptive and sharp

He gives without asking, he gives from his heart.

And to each fellow worker, he holds out his hand

And somehow they know that he understands.

He helped his employees year after year

He built admiration and respect from his peers.

Some feel what they’ve given is just not enough

For the life given them, the care and the trust.

He brought in his flowers to brighten each day

Gave Thanksgiving dinners to those who stayed late.

He opened the mail and read all he could

Applying his knowledge to all that he should.

He values each person and all that they do

And he listens to each of their ideas too.

He applies the “what if’s” as he thinks through the plight

Then gives his advice that was found through the night.

A visit with Jay is like a trip back in time

But his view for the future will leave you sublime.

A better person you are just for knowing the man

That passed down this great legacy to his son and our friend.

Bill’s nurtured this business, this family, this scheme

For without his great knowledge, not here would we be.

He carries this torch through the challenging times

And from its great light the solutions he finds.

And on this will pass some day to his own

The son of our future, with its needs he will grow.

As that flag waves so freely outside our front door

May we join with The Eagle in its flight as we soar.

~ Pamela K. Pfertsh


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You came out here just hoping

To try and set us straight

We’ve proven to you without a doubt

That it was much too late.


You tried real hard to help us

You gave the job your all

But all you got from Denver

Was a lonely empty mall.


With your fifty cups of coffee

And your greasy fingerprints

We’re always cleaning glass

And passing you the mints.


Your anal retentive ways

Are borderline OCD.

You’d think you’d wash your hands

And learn to brush your teeth!


You shoot those rubber bands

At employees of Whitehall

You do it all in fun

Just To keep them on the ball.


You think that you’re the “Heff”

With all that graying hair

But the only “Playmate” that you’ve got

Is a ragged teddy bear.


The world’s greatest boss

Is what you really are

We’ll miss you every day

As we think of you afar.


As you look down at your watch

On that last and final day

This time we HOPE that taxi cab

Will take you on your way.


~ Pamela K. Berkhiem

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