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I was riding to the hospital because I was so ill

My daddy he was taking me, for that I love him still.

A drunken man ran into us and took my very life

And left my daddy lying there to deal with the strife.


I’m playing up in heaven now, for God, he took me in

My thoughts are always happy ones ‘cause here there is no sin.

I play up in the clouds all day with other girls and boys

And we all think the best part is, not cleaning up our toys.


I watch over my daddy and make sure he’s all right

I just wish he didn’t feel so sad or that he has to fight.

It’s better when he’s playing, outside in the sun

Or going for a nice long drive or simply having fun.


I like it when he goes places, exciting and so new

‘Cause then I get to see the world from a different view.

The wind it flies beneath my wings and carries me away

And I know that’s what will bring my daddy up to me someday.


~ Pamela K. Berkhiem


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