I wrote this for my beautiful sister, Linda, who has gone through an awful lot in the last few years. Thank the Lord for his blessings and such amazing family and friends!

At home in Loveland, Colorado
The pain would not subside
Removal of my gall bladder
Is what doctors finally decide.

In January one year later
The pain comes back again
The doctors finding nothing
In the few times that I’d been.

So, God and I start talking
Getting closer every day
As the pain it goes from nagging
To simply ruining my days.

He suggests we move our home
From Colorado out to PA
Where most of my great family
Grew up and planned to stay.

Having discussed of this idea
Several times before
Mike and I, we felt that God
Was pushing us to take upon this chore.

In June, the doctor had suggested
A CT scan of my side
To see if they could find out
What was causing these pains inside.

I don’t know why I didn’t do it
My insurance would cover it all
But something just told me not to
And to believe in our Lord’s call.

God wanting us to move NOW
His urgency He instilled
Selling much of what we owned
By July, our truck was filled.

We got settled in Pennsylvania
And not six weeks down the road
Flood waters came a rushing
Filling our prior home.

God’s hands, they had been pushing
They saved us from that fate
From losing all we had
From it being just too late.

However, the pain it was still digging
Down deep in my right side
And we no longer had insurance
So I often just sat and cried.

My Lord He saw my suffering
And reached out His hands once more
Helping to find me a great job
With all I was looking for.

I found a doctor for an ultrasound
In November of ‘13
And from that was requested a CT scan
Since the answers were unseen.

Still, they had found nothing
That might be causing me this pain
But instead upon my kidney
Was a cyst that I had gained.

They set up another CT scan
For six months down the road
So in June of 2014
Not a cyst, but a mass was known.

Waiting to see if it would
Continue growing or just subside
They scanned again in December
Noting the mass had doubled in size.

Said it was time to see a surgeon
Though not until April would there be
A surgeon that was available
To take a look at me.

In February the pain was getting
So bad I could not think
So I called upon the surgeon
But my records were not in sync.

They could not seem to get sent
From the Urologist out to them
But God’s hands again were present
For that doctor soon called in.

He said to them, “She cannot
Wait that long to be seen
For the mass it just keeps growing
Abrupt removal the only means.”

We found a different surgeon
And closer to us than the first
To discuss a sooner surgery
Before the mass could cause the worst.

This surgeon happened to specialize
In laparoscopic surgeries
And had a connection to Colorado
Putting our hearts at ease.

God’s hands, they have been busy
In my life in every way
But now I needed Him more than
Words themselves could ever portray.

The surgeon took my left kidney
For which I gave consent
Since the likelihood of cancer
Was 95 percent.

On Monday, March the 16th
This surgeon made me cancer free
For I had once had it
But now it did not have me!

Had the mass grown any larger
It would have entered into my blood
Or grown outside the kidney
God only knowing how far it could.

In receipt of cards and visits
From my friends and family
I will be forever grateful
For all they did for me.

My church friends and my family
Provided much that I would need
Since I was anointed and prayed over
For this flawless surgery.

I am amazed at my co-workers
For they touched my heart, you see
They raised some extra money
By starting a go-fund-me.

My leave would only cover
Sixty percent of normal pay
So their thoughtful contributions
Just made everything ok.

I don’t know where I’d be without them
These gifts from the Lord to me
They have blessed us from the beginning
These friends and family.

God’s hands just keep on helping
And for this I am so glad
But often I sit and wonder
If it was just The Father or with my dad.

~ Pamela K. Pfertsh
© 11/04/2015