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Whispers of Wisdom

We want to tell you we love you

Though we know we must say goodbye

And that we will all miss you dearly

Each trying our best not to cry.


We will never forget all our talking

Of your voice, we each hear the sound

And how happy you were then to see us

When each of us finally came ‘round.


Your worries, our road to salvation

And for knowing our Savior we thank you

But with Him we know we’ll have guidance

Through this, that we know we must do.


We know you will always be with us

Freddy, Danny, Jim, Jenny and me.

No proof of this needs to be shown us

For we know right where you will be.


Mom, our hearts right now are in question

As we ponder our life’s loss of you

And the steps taken in our tomorrows

Make us feel like we’ve not got a clue.


We hope that you will always watch over us

And with Jesus be our guiding light

Giving us strength when we need it

To help us in this endless fight.


Our guardian angel you are, Mom

Sitting on each of our shoulders

Whispering to us your wisdom

Guiding us as we get older.


We don’t want to say our goodbyes yet

Though we know you will meet us one day

And we’ll pick up right there where we left off

Before you went with Jesus that day.


~ Sean Sakach and Pamela K. Pfertsh

© October 8, 2013

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