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My Guardian

I’m home from work it’s six a.m.
To sleep a while then up again.
I laid the babe up in his crib
His eighteen months have been a gift.
The nap he takes is all I get
Some days four hours, but others less.
I dream of fields of flowers bloomed,
But soon I’m here, back in my room.
My grandma’s here; she calls my name
I scream out “What?” Am I insane?
There’s no one there, no noise I hear
So back to sleep no need to fear.
I hear again this, “Pamela K!
Get up right now! You musn’t wait!”
I look around, there’s no one there,
But smoke it pours from yonder there.
I quickly run to my kitchen door
And there my babe sits on the floor.
A poisoned bottle in his hand
To take a drink had been his plan.
He climbed down from his place of rest
My child locks had failed the test.
I swoop him up into my arms
My precious gift is safe from harm.
Now wait a sec, where is the smoke?
And Grandma she passed years ago!
A tingle runs right down my spine
My son, he smiles at the light.
“Thank you, Grandma for saving him!
For being our own guardian!”
Her angel kiss was in my tear
As it crossed my lips I felt her here.
Then just as quick, she’s gone again
Though she’s not far, my guardian!

~ Pamela K. Pfertsh
Granddaughter to Hazel Hanna-McFadden
(my guardian…)
© 06/12/2015

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