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This was a very early poem of mine, written for my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary about June, 1983 when I was still in high school.  The poem written for their 50th is also on this site titled: With This Ring, I Thee Wed.


Remember when the kids were all small

The money was tight and the bills were not small?

Mother always made our home happy and bright

Father came home from work every night.

They gave smiles and hugs and a warm kiss goodnight.


Remember when the kids were in their teens

Listnin’ to rock ’n’ roll and wearin’ blue jeans?

Mother was guidance for right and for wrong

Father was there to help them along.

Through good times and bad times they helped them feel strong.


Remember when the kids all moved out

Got married, had children and moved all about?

Well, Mother’s still there with guidance and care

And Father shows love he is very proud of.

This marriage will last at least 30 more years

And the love for their children will always bring tears.


~Pamela K. Pfertsh

© January 15, 2016